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I guess they’re just not that into me.

I am completely, shimmery shiny new to the whole Sugar spectrum, so I might be a little too impatient. But it’s been already three days since I’ve put my profile up on several sites.

Of course, the majority of the messages I get are from perverts. Those actually only come from one site in particular, where I only have one photo up for display. I’m so deleting that profile.

Other than that, I do get a lot of reactions on one particular site, the sad thing is that I can’t react what so ever. It’s one of those sites on which regular/non-paying members can do practically nothing, which I hadn’t realized yet as I set up my profile. There are some flippin’ cute guys on there, some of them even in my own country. Such a shame.
I really don’t know if I should delete my profile on there, or just leave it for when I’ll be able to pay for their membership.

There are two other major sites I’ve signed up to.
On one of them, which is praised on multiple sites about SDs and SBs, I am getting no reactions what. so. ever. I mean, not even creepy perverted ones. Seriously? Is it because I’m black/live in Europe/don’t have my tits hanging out?

On the other one I do  have some reactions. The first senor was a pervert, who quickly jumped ship after I told him “we’ll need to have a few dates before having sex, I’m not that cheap”. Haha
There also was another English gentleman. We sent some messages back and forth, but quickly moved it over to yahoo chat.

I’m not sure where this is going. He seems genuinely interested, but also hinted at having sex. I don’t really plan on doing that yet.

Meh, I’ll just see how this will develop.

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